Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bright Smile With Bite -- a sharp short by Matt Bergin

What do you think this Carlton Cass character looks like? I have my ideas, but I'd like to see yours. Show me the light at d18matt @ gmail dot com.

Bright Smile With Bite
by Matt Bergin
Carlton Cass was full of sass, 
but his teeth were dark and mucky.
He wished he had a bright white smile,
but he hadn't been so lucky.
So he asked the dentist to swap his chops
for two dozen bulbs of light,
and now his smile is 50 watts
of happy joyful bright.
There's just one gripe you're sure to hear
from smiling Carlton Cass--
no matter what he tries to eat,
all he tastes is glass.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ghost Train -- a trip to the wrong side of the tracks by Matt Bergin

Ghost Train
by Matt Bergin

Chugga chugga booooooo!
Ghost train coming through.
Spooky Station's coming next,
Then Cryptville, Hauntington, and Mount Hex.
The Engine runs on skin and bones.
The steampipe spits out ghastly moans.
Your one way ticket's at the gate.
There are no stops -- we're always late.

via Google Images, artist unknown

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wishful Twinkling -- a shooting short by Matt Bergin

Wishful Twinkling
by Matt Bergin

When you wish upon the moon,
The wish you wish may come true soon,
But not so fast like wished on stars.
Star dreams can come true quick as cars.
But if dreams are slow in coming true,
They probably need a nudge or two,
Or maybe dreaming's not the way
To get that thing you want today.
Maybe instead of wishing bright,
You'll earn it with hard work and fight.
So twinkle twinkle, little kid,
It's not what you want, 
It's what you did!

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